Solar Heating Solutions

The solar water heating system consists of flat plate solar collector and one highly insulated water tank. The collector is designed such that the cold water entering it is heated up when sunshine falls on it. The heated hot water moves up and stored in the insulated water tank due to the decrease of density, and the fresh water reaches the solar collector by thermo syphoning (Natural Flow ).This process carries automatically till the sunshine is available.The hot water stored in the tank will have retention for two days.

Technical Specifications
Temperature achieved 60 to 85 C
Collector Box ISI Standard aluminum channels
Glazing High Transmission Toughened Glass of 4mm thick
Riser Copper - Copper Tig welding Fin and Tubes with solar selective coating
Header Copper pipe
Insulation Resin Bounded Glass wool of 4 inch thickness.
Electric Backup Incorporated

The Sun radiates 180 billion MW of energy over the earth. Just one hour of this energy could meet the power needs of the entire planet for a year. This energy is also absolutely clean, pollution free, inexhaustible, free & abundantly available everywhere for anyone. Shree Solar was one of the earliest manufactures of solar energy equipment, dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy applications in India. Manufacturing a wide range of solar Heating systems with state of the art technology from world leaders. Shree Solar brings you the unlimited power of the sun.

Salient Features of Shree Solar Flat Plate Collector
  High Operating Efficiency

  Suitable for heating fluids up to 85 C


  High Standard of quality

  More energy generated per square meters installed

Advantages and Fiscal Benefits
  No maintenance and operating cost

  Safe and Long life

  Noise and Pollution Free

  Substantial savings on electricity

  100% depreciation benefit for industries

  20 years system life

  Return of investment 2 1/2 years

  Our Product Range up to 2000 Ltrs.

Usage Chart

100 1 - 3 60 - 75 2
125 1 - 5 60 - 75 3
 200 5 - 8 60 - 75 4
250 7 - 9 60 - 75 5
300 9 - 12 60 - 75 6
375 12 - 15 60 - 75 7
 500 15 - 20 60 - 75 10



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